NOTICE: This solution no longer works! Facebook has completely removed the ability to do these types of embeds except for preview hosted by specific services such as Spotify. I suggest you utilize Facebook native video to post your previews for maximum reach and effect on the Facebook platform.

Check out my other music and audio content related projects.

LabelGrid - Aggregation Solutions by LabelGrid. A robust platform for independent audio content businesses.

Content Console by LabelGrid is an audio-content, marketing, and reporting app that helps you: 🎯 Promote 💲 Collect 🌍 Be everywhere ✅ Do more with your content.

Promoly - Email marketing platform. Send audio campaigns, nurture your mailing lists, and track feedback in real-time.

Promoly sends music directly to your recipients' inbox. Track when they open, play, download and leave feedback - watch the results, in real-time.

BeatTracker - Top 100 Stats. Track your top 100 chart placements.

Currently supporting Beatport with more DSP's in the pipeline.

WTF is soundcloudx?

We're glad you asked. SoundcloudX is a Facebook OpenGraph MetaData Injector for Soundcloud.

WTF does that mean?

It means if you are having trouble embedding music for direct play on Facebook, we offer a work-around solution that takes 1 second to implement

How does it work?

Watch this video.

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